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38. How do you choose the right compute service on AWS?

When it comes to choosing compute services on AWS, there are a lot of options, including EC2, ECS, Lambda, EKS… New ones keep emerging all the time! Selecting the right one for each application is no longer an easy choice. In this episode we discuss why you need compute services and what kinds of problems should be offloaded to something else entirely. We suggest how you can develop a methodology to make the selection process easier and less biased within your company. We discuss at a high level what are some of the different compute options available in AWS and finally we provide a few different options example use cases and describe how we picked the compute service for each.

00:00 Intro
01:10 What do we mean with "compute"
02:00 Use cases for compute
03:50 Is serverless trying to reduce the amount of compute?
04:42 How to reduce compute layers with managed services
06:40 Should everyone try to reduce compute?
07:13 The need for a technology selection methodology for compute
09:50 Optimising for simplicity
10:39 Understanding scalability requirements
11:23 The concept of "evolvability"
11:52  Reliability, Resilience, Security and Developer Experience
12:28 Optimising for existing knowledge
13:23 Optimising for cost
14:20 Ease of deployment
14:44 How to score these dimensions and democratise the choice
16:40 You don't have to pick 1 compute option for everything
18:00 Compute options available in AWS
18:50 EC2 vs Containers
20:36 Managed compute: App Runner, Lightsail, Elastic Beanstalk, Sagemaker, Batch
21:05 Codebuild, Glue and EMR
21:50 Lambda
22:30 The Legal Eagle case study
23:09 Machine learning case study (Lambda vs Sagemaker)
25:00 Pension fund case study (Batch processing, HPC and Lambda)
28:30 Summary and additional material

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:
- InfoQ article “A Recipe to Migrate and Scale Monoliths in the Cloud”:
- Our previous episode about migrating monoliths to the cloud:
- Article on choosing the right compute service:

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