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AWS Lambda is one of the most famous AWS services these days. If you are just starting with your cloud journey you might be confused about what Lambda actually is, what are the limitations, and when you should be using it or not.

In this episode, we provide a beginner-friendly introduction to Lambda and summarise everything there’s to know about it: when to use it and when not, differences with containers, the pricing model, limitations, and integrations.

By the end of this episode, we will also chime in with some of our opinions and share whether we believe that Lambda is the future of cloud computing or not!


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πŸ”– Chapters:

00:00 Intro
01:19 Definition: what is AWS Lambda?
04:24 Some use cases for Lambda
08:02 When NOT to use Lambda
12:07 Is Lambda more complicated than containers?
13:55 The pricing model of Lambda
19:44 Limitations and quota with AWS Lambda
23:16 Lambda integrations & Sync vs Async execution models
25:02 Is Lambda the future of Cloud computing?
29:22 Closing notes

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:
- The original announcement of AWS Lambda from 2014:
- Using Lambda for High-Performance Computing (AWS Blog Post):
- Lambda vs Fargate vs EC2 pricing (article by Eoin Shanaghy):
- Our previous episode of what serverless v2 will look like:
- AWS Lambda tiered pricing announcement by AWS:
- Understanding AWS Lambda Scaling and Throughput (Video by Marcia Villalba & Julian Wood):
- Keet by Holepunch (P2P messaging app):
- SocketSupply (company building a P2P platform):

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