Learning Rust the serde crate (live on Twitch)

Used Rust
Published a YouTube video
Hosted a live stream on Twitch

Rust crates: custom serde deserializers (Twitch live stream 2023-02-13)


In this video, we continued our exploration of the serde and the serde-json crates.

In particular, we improved our deserialization logic by adding some custom deserializer.

- Previous episode in the series: https://youtu.be/rqUH1Dnz8Ho

- Serde & Serde JSON (to parse JSON data): https://serde.rs/

The code is available here: https://github.com/lmammino/rust-lastfm

To see the next episodes live check out our Twitch channel: https://twitch.tv/loige

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#rust #json #serde