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57. Cognito User Pools vs. Identity Pools

If you looked into Amazon Cognito, chances are that you have been confused by User Pools and Identity Pools (now renamed to Federated Identities). Well, Cognito is not one of the simplest AWS services to get started with but it is indeed very powerful and it can be very convenient to use when you are dealing with authentication and authorization.

In this Episode of AWS Bites Podcast, we try to clarify what is the difference between User Pools and Identity Pools. When to use one or the other and even when to use them together. Throughout the episode, we will cover several practical examples and use cases.

🔖 Chapters:

00:00 Intro
00:28 You can help AWS Bites
00:52 When to use Amazon Cognito
02:48 Difference between User Pools and Identity Pools
04:08 Features of User Pools
05:35 Features of Identity Pools
06:29 When to use User Pools, when to use Identity Pools and when to use them together
09:36 How to protect APIs and implement authorization
12:35 Other interesting features of Amazon Cognito
14:50 Closing

In this episode, we didn’t really mention any resources, but if you want to deep dive on this topic here are some useful links:
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