55. How do you build an MVP on AWS?

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Sometimes people talk about an MVP and then say "yeah but we deploy manually" or "we don't have tests yet". Is that really an MVP or is it something else? And what it takes to build a successful MVP when using AWS? In this episode, we discuss the differences between a prototype, a proof of concept, and an MVP. Then we debate about what's the minimum amount of work you need to put in place to have an MVP on AWS. We debate on whether our weshare.click is an MVP or just a prototype and why. Finally, we provide a list of previous episodes that can help to acquire the foundational AWS knowledge that is needed to be able to build an MVP successfully.

⏱ Chapters:

00:00 Intro
00:35 Prototype and PoC (Proof of Concept)!
02:53 What do we really mean when we talk about MVP?
05:35 What is the bare minimum we need to put in place for an MVP?
09:35 The risks of a digital transformation project and how to build an MVP in this case
11:22 Did we build an MVP or a prototype with weshare.click?
15:44 Summary of what it takes to build an MVP successfully
16:46 Previous episodes sharing foundational knowledge
19:05 Closing

Some of the resources we mentioned: