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15. Is serverless good for startups?

In this extended episode, Luciano and Eoin try to cover a recurring topic around Serverless: is it a good or bad idea for startups?

We start by giving a brief description of the different definitions and perspectives on serverless. Then, we try to explore some cases in which we believe serverless might not be the best fit for a startup. We follow on by revisiting some cases where instead we believe serverless can actually be a great fit. We finish by discussing some suggestions on how a startup (or even a more established company) could start approaching serverless in a more cautious and incremental way.


00:00 Intro
00:17 What do we mean with "serverless"?
03:45: When is serverless not good?
07:05 When is serverless good?
11:40 Serverless for IoT and ML
13:50 How to start experimenting with serverless
17:04 Closing

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:
- Auth0: 
- Algolia: 
- Firebase: 
- Laravel: 
- Django: 
- Express: 
- AWS Amplify: 
- Our previous episode on Amplify: 

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