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17. How do you keep up with AWS in 2022?

In this episode of AWS Bites podcast, Luciano and Eoin talk about some ideas to stay update with the evergreen world of AWS. This is a much less structured episode than usual and we informally discuss some of our favourite resources including blogs, articles, YouTube channels, other podcasts and Twitter profiles.

00:00 Intro
00:48 Eoin's strategy
02:00 AWS Official Podcast
02:50 What's new on AWS Twitter Bot
03:30 AWS RSS News feed
03:50 AWS Related YouTune channels
04:00 Marcia Villalba's FooBar
04:30 Borislav Hadzhiev’s blog (CDK)
05:25 Werner Vogel’s blog
06:40 Cloudonaut’s blog & YouTube channel
08:30 AWS Builder Library
10:10 AWS Related Podcasts
10:22 Adam Elmore’s
11:14 Yan Cui’s Real World Serverless (and blog)
11:55 Rebecca Marshburn & Jeremy Daly's Serverless Chats podcast
12:20 AWS profiles on Twitter
12:50 Emily Shea on Twitter
13:15 Danilo Poccia and Heitor Lessa on Twitter
14:12 Jeremy Daly's off by None Newsletter
15:00 Closing

[This episode contains an Easter Egg. Can you find it? :) If not, have a peek at the comments, somebody has found it already!]

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:
- AWS what’s new (official):
- What's new on AWS Twitter bot:
- AWS News RSS Feed:
- AWS Podcast ​​
- Werner Vogel’s blog:
- Rebecca Marshburn & Jeremy Daly's Serverless Chats podcast:
- Jeremy Daly’s Off by None Newsletter:
- Cloudonaut’s blog:
- Cloudonaut’s YouTube channel:
- Yan Cui’s blog:
- Yan Cui’s Real World Serverless:
- AWS Builder Library:
- Borislav Hadzhiev’s blog:
- Marcia Villalba’s Foobar on YouTube:
- Adam Elmore’s podcast
- Emily Shea on Twitter:
- Emily Shea’s re:Invent 2021 “Getting started building your first serverless web application”: 
- Danilo Poccia on Twitter: 
- Heitor Lessa on Twitter:

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