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19. Is the serverless DX still immature?

In this episode of AWS Bites podcast, Luciano and Eoin talk about what the serverless Developer Experience (DX) is like and whether we should consider it still immature or not.
In this context we discuss some of the struggles with local development, what are some tools that can make our lives easier and how we can improve the overall serverless experience.

Big thanks to Padraig O'Brien ( for suggesting this topic!

00:00 Intro
00:46 What's a serverless application
01:00 Comparing more traditional architectures with serverless
02:00 The DX of container based applications
03:05 The "level of granularity" with serverless
05:00 The idea of infrastructure in the serverless context
05:50 Serverless local development
07:00 Localstack
08:50 Local mode vs cloud mode
09:33 Serverless Offline
10:00 SAM Local
10:30 Other tools (SST)
11:35 Hybrid development approach
12:25 The good and the bad parts of serverless
13:25 Synchronising code to the cloud, faster!
15:10 Speeding up security with better policy validation
15:48 Closing

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:
- LocalStack:
- Serverless offline plugin:
- SAM Local: 
- SAM Accelerate: 
- CDK HotSwap / CDK Watch: 
- SST:

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