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Building an invite-only microsite with Next.js & Airtable 


Imagine you are hosting a private event and you want to create a website to invite all your guests. Of course, you’d like to have an easy way to just share a URL with every guest and they should be able to access all the details of the event. Everyone else should not be allowed to see the page. Even nicer if the website is customized for every guest and if you could use the same website to collect information from the guests (who is coming and who is not). Ok, how do we build all of this? But, most importantly, how do we build it quickly? How do we keep it simple and possibly host it 100% for FREE? I had to do something like this recently so, in this talk, I am going to share my solution, which involves a React SPA (built with Next.js & Vercel) and AirTable as a backend! In the process, we are going to learn some tricks, like how to build a custom React Hook and how to protect our app from AirTable query injection (yes, it’s a thing)!