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21. What services should I use for events?

In this episode of AWS Bites podcast, Luciano and Eoin talk about AWS services related to events and message passing like SQS, SNS, Event Bridge, Kinesis and Kafka (MSK).
We discuss in which context is convenient to use messages and events and we deliver a quick walkthrough of all the services discussing major features and some practical examples on how to use them.

00:00 Intro
00:40 When to use events
01:40 Point to point integrations (SQS overview)
02:40 Zero to many integrations (SNS overview)
03:10 Streaming integrations (Kinesis / Kafka overview)
03:57 SQS characteristics and use cases
06:18 SNS characteristics and use cases
08:50 Event Bridge characteristic and differences with SNS
14:20 Kinesis and Kafka characteristics and use cases
16:36 Stream processing vs Event bus
18:48 Differences between Kafka MSK and Kinesis
20:33 Conclusion

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:
- SNS:
- SQS:
- Event Bridge:
- Kinesis:
- Kafka (MSK):

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