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AWS Bites special: re:Invent 2021 day 1!

In this special episode, Eoin and Luciano talk about their impression on the announcements from the first day of AWS re:invent 2021.


00:00 - Intro
01:50 - Lambda Event Filtering
03:04 - CodeGuru hardcoded secrets detection
04:15 - ECR Pull-through cache repository
05:42 - Media recommenders for Personalize
07:30 - AWS Chatbot - create resources from Slack
09:04 - CloudWatch Evidently
11:21 - AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces
13:20 - CloudWatch RUM
15:57 - CloudWatch Metrics Insights
17:57 - AWS Karpenter
20:30 - AWS Data exchange for API
23:05 - S3 Event Notifications with EventBridge
23:53 - Amazon Athena ACID Transactions
27:27 - AWS Control Tower introduces Terraform
29:07 - Closing

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:
- AWS Lambda now supports event filtering for Amazon SQS, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Kinesis as event sources:
- Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer now detects hardcoded secrets in Java and Python repositories:
- Amazon ECR announces pull through cache repositories:
- Introducing recommenders optimized to deliver personalized experiences for Media & Entertainment and Retail with Amazon Personalize:
- AWS Chatbot now supports management of AWS resources in Slack (Preview):
- Amazon CloudWatch Evidently:
- Introducing AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces - Preview:
- CloudWatch RUM:
- CloudWatch Metrics Insights:
- AWS Karpenter:
- AWS Data exchange for API:
- S3 Event Notifications with EventBridge:
- Amazon Athena ACID Transactions (Preview):
- AWS Control Tower introduces Terraform account provisioning and customization:

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