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58. What can kitties teach us about AWS?

Building actual projects is a great way to consolidate our understanding of AWS. In this episode, we present 4 different project ideas to explore services and concepts in the space of web application development, machine learning, and data science.

Ok, you are probably wondering where kitties come into the equation here. Every one of these 4 project ideas involves kitties! 🐱

We can learn stuff and have some fun too!

🔖 Chapters:

00:00 Intro
01:22 A note from our sponsor: fourTheorem
01:43 Project idea #1 - the cat detector (ML/Computer Vision)
04:48 Project idea #2 - clone (web application)
11:00 Project idea #3 - cat analytics (data analytics)
13:52 Project idea #4 - the cat breed API (web APIs development)
19:00 Closing

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:
- Our sponsor, fourTheorem:
- The Cat Detector workshop:
- AI as a Service (book):
- Kaggle dataset cat vs dog:
- The best website in the world: 
- The true meaning of the 418 HTTP status code:
- The cat breeds dataset on Kaggle:
- Our series of live coding streams where we build a serverless WeTransfer clone on AWS from scratch: 

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