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20. Should I get an AWS certification?

In this episode of AWS Bites podcast, Eoin and Luciano talk about whether it is worth to get an AWS certification and why. We discuss why a certification can be important from the perspective of individuals and companies, what are the certifications available and how are they grouped. Finally we try to provide some suggestions for a study plan and give various useful resources and tips.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Is it worth getting a certification?
01:19 The value for students and junior engineers
02:15 The value for under-represented groups
03:10 The value for companies
04:00 The value for freelancers and consultants
05:30 What should employers do?
07:50 The AWS certifications available
09:00 Suggestions for the Solution Architect Associate exam
11:00 The professional tier
12:38 Differences between the associate and the professional tier
13:10 The specialty certifications
14:38 Preparing for an exam
16:25 Practice exams
19:10 Taking the Online exam vs on a local test center
21:38 How to approach the exam
24:10 Outro

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:
- Official AWS certifications landing page:
- Passing all the AWS certifications, article by Adam Elmore:
- Luciano’s post about AWS Solution Architect Associate exam notes and tips: 
- Udemy and Tutorialspoint:,
- Adrian Cantrill’s AWS certification training material:
- A Cloud Guru:

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