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32. What are the benefits of tags?

What are the benefits of Tags? You have probably seen that you can add tags to almost every resource in AWS… but should you really do it? And if you do it, what are the benefits?

In today’s episode Eoin and Luciano cover what tags are, some examples of how to use them and what kind of benefits they can give you and your team. Finally we’ll give you a bunch of ideas on how to build a tagging strategy and get value from tags!

00:00 Intro
00:46 What tags are
02:22 Use cases tags enable
05:43 How to create tags
09:10 Recommended tags
12:20 How to enforce that resources are correctly tagged
18:02 Tagging limitations and quotas
19:37 Best practices and recommendations
23:36 Summary
24:49 Outro

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:
- Resource group tagging (
- Controlling access to AWS resources using tags
- Enforce tagging via SCP (Service Control Policies):
- Use AWS Config to create rules that can alarm if some resources are not compliant:
- Example on how to use CloudTrail to automatically tag newly created resources:
- Archived AWS white paper on tagging best practices:

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