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23. What’s the big deal with EventBridge?

Eoin and Luciano continue their series about event services. In this episode, they chat about EventBridge and explore why this AWS service has such a great potential for event-based serverless applications. This episode presents some interesting examples of when and how to use EventBridge. It also covers all the different classes of events that you can manage with EventBridge: AWS events, third-party events and custom events. We discuss limits and pricing and, finally, we show how things can go wrong and how much you can end up paying for it. We conclude the episode with some tips and resources to avoid shooting yourself in the foot and get good observability when using EventBridge.

00:00 Intro
01:15 Why is EventBridge so interesting?
03:45 The 3 different classes of events supported by EventBridge
07:13 What kind of targets can EventBridge interact with?
08:30 Schema Registry and Archive & Replay
10:08 Sending and receiving events
14:26 Coupling in Event Driven architectures & Security
17:45 How to write the matching rules & data transformation templates
21:07 Latency and performance constraints
24:00 Limits of EventBridge
24:45 EventBridge pricing
26:34 Testing with EventBridge and third-party tools
30:40 Integrating EventBridge with SQS
32:35 Resources to learn more about EventBridge
33:28 Outro

In this episode, we mentioned the following resources:
- Our previous episode about all things SQS:
- Our introductory episode about what services you should use for events:
- List of AWS services that can trigger EventBridge events:
- An example of how to make HTTP calls directly from EventBridge (by Sheen Brisals ):
- How to test when using EventBridge (by Paul Swail):
- Eventbridge CLI tool:
- Lumigo CLI:
- EventBridge Atlas:
- EventBridge Canon:
- Accelerate Serverless Adoption with EventBridge (talk by Sheen Brisals):
- Series of Articles by Sheen Brisals on EventBridge:

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